Classes Offered


The CNA training program based on a minimum of 90 hours of classroom, skill lab and clinical instruction and care delivery to resident with varying physical and mental abilities and disabilities. Teaching methodologies include videos, lectures, demonstrations PowerPoint presentations, handouts, role-playing, and pre and post clinical review of experiences. Class size is limited to 20 students in the classroom with a ratio of 10 students to each clinical instructor. Each student is required to use the course-approved textbook for assignments and study. Students who pass the state CNA Certification exam may find employment in a wide range of health care settings including Long Term Care settings, Assisted Living Facilities, and Hospitals.

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CNA Refresher

The CNA Refresher course is a 10 hour continuing education program for those who have not worked as a CNA for the last 2 years in order to keep their CNA certification current.

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The CMA is based on a minimum of 75 hours of classroom and clinical instruction. The students in this class are trained on medication administration techniques, and knowledge of medication use and adverse effects is stressed. We utilize classroom lectures to impart medication knowledge to our students. Knowledge of course content is constantly evaluated utilizing quizzes and exams. Students must adhere to class attendance policies as missing class can pose a big challenge for students trying to excel in this course. After passing the state CMA Certification exam, students may work in Long Term Care Facilities to help with medication administration to residents in several health care settings.

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CMA Update

The CMA Update course is a 10 hour continuing education program to meet the state requirements necessary to keep current on new medications and methods of giving medications in order to keep their CMA certification current. The state of Kansas requires all CMAs to take this course every two years.

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BLS (Basic Life Support) which is Advanced CPR

This class is the CPR for healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, and ambulance drivers. It includes rescue breathing, chess compressions, use of bag-mask devices, and A.E.D. (Automated External Defibrillator).


The Home Health Aide class is a 20 hour add on to the CNA, which is required to obtain one’s HHA in the State of Kansas. The Home Health Aide will be trained in a wide range of health and supportive services to the elderly, disabled and chronically ill populations of all ages, while at home in surroundings that are familiar and comfortable. Tasks performed may include, though not limited to: assisting the client to bathe, dress and groom; safely assisting clients in ambulation; maintaining a record of services provided as well as observations of the apparent status of client’s condition; preparing and serving food following specialized diets; cleaning the client’s environment including changing of bed linens and laundry tasks; and performing a variety of miscellaneous duties as prescribed in a written plan of care.

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