Inspired me to become the nurse I am today

“I attended Trinity Career Institute 2016-2018 to obtain my CNA, CMA, and BLS certifications. My instructor for BLS training was Daniel Bostrom, who was very thorough in teaching me the proper techniques and taking the time to continue teaching material and techniques that were not understood. He was very patient and ensured that the content was understood and techniques were carried out correctly.The best part about him was that he made what could have been a tedious course a lot of fun. My instructor for CNA and CMA training was Judy Kimatu. Judy taught me so much not only about how to pass medications, safely transfer patients, and understand medical terminology, but she inspired me to become the nurse I am today. She made sure each student understood the importance of our positions in the health care field and supported us in furthering our education. One thing I will always remember about Judy is that she helped me to remain humble, whether I was a CNA or a licensed nurse, I should always know that I am never too good to do the hard work. I have come a long way in my educational journey since beginning my first training course at Trinity Career Institute, but the instructors at Trinity Career Institute inspired me to learn and push myself to be where I am today. Thank you!”

– Kim